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Phil (he/him)

Philip has a background in childhood growth and development, restaurant work, and non-profit work. He went to Camp Nebagamon Summer Camp for boys as a child and became a counselor there after graduating high school. After that he worked as a line cook in kitchens locally and for a brief period in San Jose, California. In 2010, he sustained a life-changing spinal cord injury that resulted in paralysis and permanent disability status. In 2014, he started a non-profit organization called Fair Event Vendors Alliance (FEVA) with his sister Heather. His role in the organization was as investor and chief financial officer and his main responsibilities were event planning, art direction, and outreach. In his personal life, Phil is an artist and game enthusiast.

He is the visionary and CEO of Golden Keep Game Co.

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Medina (she/her)

Medina has a background in billing, finance, and business management. In the past 22 years, she has worked as an administrator and bookkeeper of several small and mid-size businesses, as a billing agent and project improvement specialist for a large university, as an assistant to a judge, and most recently as a marketing agent for a startup SEO marketing company. She has a passion for details and organization and values good communication. In her personal life, Medina is a genealogist, and a game enthusiast.

She is the protector and CFO of Golden Keep Game Co.

woman holding box of wingspan board game
woman next to monster figure with purple tongue out

Diana (she/her)

Diana, originally from Nicaragua, holds an MA in Arts Administration. She is a visual communicator who is passionate about art, games, culture, coffee and her favorite color PURPLE!

She is the graphic designer and creative eye behind Golden Keep Game Co’s Arts and Branding!

woman holding box of wingspan board game

Aray (he/him)

Aray is an eager and enthusiastic hobbyist with a passion for crafting, kit bashing and constructing scatter terrain to populate the table of his imagination. He loves sharing his progress shots on his instagram handle @kitbasher_aray so be sure to take a look. When he isn’t busy in the shop or in his craft studio he is probably cooking up something delicious in the kitchen which he shares with the GKGC crew… most of the time.

woman holding box of wingspan board game
woman next to monster figure with purple tongue out

Patrick (he/him)

Patrick is a natural born salesman with a passion for board games. A veritable encyclopedia of game knowledge, he is always ready to help you find your next favorite. Patrick is the first to dive into a new rulebook and loves in-game fact checking. He may be a bit of a rules lawyer but he’s definitely a full on board game monster who could survive on tokens, tiles and dice alone if only they had more protein! Come in and say hello but don’t feed him any tokens.


We are always looking for enthusiastic people to help us build our vision

Do you love games, puzzles and crafting? Want to spend your day alongside excellent people with shared passions? To learn more, send us an email or stop by and see us.

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